announcing a new addition to our family!

The Quiet Partner II, meet everyone. everyone, The Quiet Partner II. (i call her The Quiet Partner for short.)

the stork (i.e., the draintech guy) brought her just this morning. isn't she beautiful? she also came with free rinse-aid and electrosol tablets, as well as coupons. freebies and coupons - she'll be right at home here!
some other highlights i haven't written about:

atticus' two-month "birthday" (his three-month will be a week from thursday. i haven't posted pictures in a while.)

atticus' newfound talent of bumbo-slouching.

todd's and my date to the olive garden (yes, we got dressed up to go to the olive garden. and i liked it.)
i also really enjoyed the andes mints they gave us.

the plethora of diapers we bought on sale. yes, if you counted SIXTEEN family-sized boxes, you counted correctly.

our trip to the willises' superbowl party. (yes, that's a football bib. he's all about it.)

how mad atticus got when the cardinals lost. here, we see jared willis comforting him.

atticus sneezing milk out his nose.

other stuff we've written about, but haven't illustrated:

the booty of todd's treasure hunt.
atticus not feeling well (here with a smile - and a bunch of snot - on his face)

close-up of the snot, in case you missed it.
guy time at the van voorst house.

me, nebulizing the heck out of that kid.

his enduring love for the nebulizer.

the tortilla mix with which i made my horrible "chips." there were more pictures, but whoops, i forgot to upload them.

and TODAY'S highlights:
learning to roll over:
step 1.
step 2.
step 3.

step 4. (he needed a bit of help getting from step 3 to step 4.)

our first outdoor adventure:

we went off-roading...apparently at the edge of where "winter"meets "spring."
all tuckered out. what a big day!


Team Dewhurst said...


Danielle said...

Seriously LOVED these pictures!! I SO need to come see this kid! (and you!) The last time I saw him, he still wasn't smiling!

I love still being able to keep up with you through these blogs. It's so good to see you (even if it is over the internet) and you looked great for your date to Olive Garden! :D

LisaGrace said...

i love this blog. so much.

and that dishwasher.


Team Dewhurst said...

Whew! The first time I saw the blog it just said "announcing a new addition to our family" with no pictures or anything else... I was a bit caught up in suspense :-) Gotta love a dishwasher!! My favorite appliance by far!

Great pics too!