(looking happier than i feel holding this particular sign...)

i had my appointments today. first, we went in for an ultrasound, which wasn't really as exciting as i thought it would be. the kid is so big that we couldn't really see him on the screen. the ultrasound tech would point out what she identified as a foot or something, but it was really hard to make out. so we're trusting she knew what she was talking about and that he's still a human baby.

then todd and i went to valentino's for lunch, which was really nice. it was nice to get to spend that extra time together, and the food was awesome. plus, this lady that worked there kept giving me compliments on how good she thought i looked... never an unwelcome compliment, especially now that i feel huge and walk around like i have a stick up my butt and a watermelon between my knees. then we started shooting the breeze with this lady, and she told us all about how her daughter is a golfer, how they were in arizona last february and she stayed with a friend and it was freezing and the friend's house smelled like cats, and how the tolls in ohio are like 10 bucks a pop, and how her husband got her a gps system. oh yes, and she has two pomeranians. ahh, rebekkah. loved her.

we went back to the doctor's after lunch for a non-stress test, which they said looked really good. the baby's heart rate is awesome and i'm contracting, which is good news.

then we met with donna, our midwife. she did an exam (which hurt like the dickens) and told me that i'm about 90% effaced and she thinks i'm dilated closer to 3 by now. she wasn't for sure, though, because it would've been too painful for her to find out conclusively. she also stripped my membranes, which is supposed to help get things started. she said that between the ultrasound (which said my fluid is low, a good sign for late pregnancy), the results of the non-stress test, and where i seem to be physically, that she thinks i should go into labor in the next couple of days. however, we scheduled an appointment for monday, and if i haven't had him by then, we'll schedule an induction.

so...relatively good news all around. i was sort of hoping they could do more to get me started, or tell me more conclusively that things would start soon, but it was good for what it was.

when i think about the fact that i'm only four days overdue, it seems like it's not that long. but these last four days have seemed like they've taken FOREVER, and i'm not sure how much longer i'll have to wait. i'll admit, it's been a pretty emotional few days. i'm just hoping hoping hoping he comes soon. i really don't want to be induced. it scares me to think about. but i also don't want to be pregnant indefinitely. so i'm hoping he comes on his own. preferably tonight? not sure if it's actually preferable or not, but it seems preferable as of right now, so i'm going with it.

seriously, this kid needs to come out. he hurts.

i had a kindergartener say the other day, "wow! are you gonna have a baby?!" i told him yes, then he was like, "that baby sure looks HEAVY." then he proceeded to try to peer under my shirt to see him. he's right. this kid IS heavy. pretty soon you'd think he'd just slip right out due to gravity. if only it were that easy.
(scratching my itchy belly with my t-rex arms)


Andrew said...

"O come, O come, wee man!" you yell.

Team Dewhurst said...

Oh, the final exams...ew...ouch...uck. Keep your head up and BEAR DOWN!!!! That was my mantra.

Atticus, come forth!!

jared said...

the picture behind you guys becomes increasingly less straight as each week goes by. funny.
come on little dude, makenna wants a friend. said...

Induction isn't as bad as you might think, especially if you have an epidural. (Inserting advice - feel free to ignore: Take the drugs - there's no need to be a hero.) I've had one with drugs and one without. And don't bother with the Nubane, or whatever the sissy crap is that they give you first. Go for the hard stuff. Trust me.

Praying for you 3! Lots of ♥