free singalongs, i heart chuckabee's, and a grossly mistitled film

so folks, i'm off work!!! i love my job, but it feels nice to be home and not working.

paige wrote a few blogs back about our awesome phil wickham concert. if you want an idea of what we experienced, for free nonetheless, go to this url:

enter your info and you will be sent an e-mail with a link to download phil wickham's singalong for free!!! it is a live recording of just him and an acoustic guitar. it is great. i listened to it this past week and it reminded me alot of the show... and it's free. if you don't like it, you can trash it.

i have a dilemma. i do not really like either of the two primary candidates running for office. i know i will not give my vote to obama based on fundamental differences in worldview. however, i have not yet decided if i will give my vote to mccain, who does not entirely impress me and was my least favorite of all the republican contenders for the nomination. so then i considered not voting, which my mother informed me is unpatriotic and possibly a sin? (she may have gone there had i not relented). so what is a person like me supposed to do? i had really wanted to vote "for" someone this election. i have voted against people in past elections (see john kerry), but i really wanted to vote for someone, enthusiastically, not merely as a preventative measure or self-defense. so i checked out some issue-related material from back when huckabee was running for the gop nod.

that would have been fun to vote for. he wouldn't have had a very good chance of winning the general election without God's divine intervention, (which of all the candidates, he would have been the most likely to received the Father's help) but at least i would have voted for someone. perhaps i'll write him in. do votes carry over for next time? :)

lastly, i recently saw, "ernest scared stupid." my wife told me that as a child it scared her horribly and that for a kids' movie it was pretty intense. yeah, ... not getting that. whoever lobbyed for the "scared" to be inserted into the title was clearly motivational, had a lot of money, and/or was a victim of u.s. army PCP experiments from the 70's because in the end it was more just "ernest = stupid"

two nintendo calloused thumbs down!

(how was that for a blog dewhurst? no books were harmed or mentioned in the production of this blog)


jared said...

Ernest=stupid was definitely the worst of the Ernest movies. What a let down it was.

I agree. not a fan of either candidate. I might join a friend of mine and vote for Santa Claus this year.

Team Dewhurst said...

Medium to well done post! It didn't have that Paige touch but it was a good read. We're voting for Chuck Baldwin. Christian minister from Florida. Check him out. He's on the ballot and you can feel good voting for someone you agree with rather than just voting against someone.

I loved Ernest goes to camp when I was little... I was an odd child though

tivo vovo said...

ernest going to camp is a completely different story than him being scared and coincidentally stupid. so you lose no cool points for that guilty pleasure movie pick.

i will check out chuck baldwin post haste. is he on the ballot in iowa? what about santa?