birthing videos, the color guard, and caroline ingalls-esque resourcefulness.

life has been pretty hectic around here as of late! a lot has happened in the last few weeks. most noticeably, atticus is getting to be a load and i'm finally starting to feel "big." as in, "too big." as in, i'm not just ready to have him so that i can meet him, but i'm ready for my bathrobe to fit again and to not have to rotate the same 3 shirts over and over. and to sleep on my back....ahhh, that will be so nice!

we started our birthing class on tuesday. it will definitely be interesting, i think. whoever thought it would be a good idea to put a bunch of preggers ladies in a room for two hours in uncomfortable chairs with no food was probably a single guy. or the freaks who set up the jcpenny maternity section.
we have three more weeks of classes, which will include more massage techniques for todd to learn (fun!), a tour of the baby floor at the hospital (funnish), and some lovely videos of actual births (opposite of fun. what they do for fun in hell.) i think there's a reason why god made it so that women don't see what's going on during birth. and, if i don't want to watch my own kid being born, i'm fairly confident that watching some other lady's cooter during labor isn't going to be a frollick in a field on a spring day. but, who knows? maybe we'll want to buy it on dvd and watch it on date nights.
i've also started the parenting class at cornerstone, and am loving it! however, it does make for a busy week, since we have birthing classes on tuesdays and parenting classes on wednesdays. but, it's good information and i'm sure it'll all be worthwhile in the end.

in other news, todd and i went to a phil wickham concert on saturday. it was AWESOME! it was just him and his guitar. he has such a pretty voice! it was at zeke's, and the lady who organized it also personally provided some improv liturgical dancing with scandinavian flags. it was like two performances for the price of one. and we were left with the burning desire to see the whole "you get what you pay for" thing come true, but to no avail. ah, to each their weirdo own.

and finally, i have officially changed my name to the applemaster. or something cooler-sounding having to do with apples. todd told me that the group house where he works has an apple tree in the backyard with some pretty decent-tasting apples on it... so i sent him to work one day with a huge pot and he brought home a ton of apples for me.
(this pot was filled to the brim with apples.)
we then spent a couple hours over the course of two evenings sitting on the couch, peeling apples one by's probably the only reason i was able to watch the entire vice presidential debate (not because it was bad, but because i'm more of a "the office" kind of girl than a "political debate" kind of girl.) so, i furthered my domestic skills AND my political informedness at the same time. not to mention, i was improving my multitasking capabilities. nice.

(yes, that IS an aladdin bath towel. that has definitely seen better days.)
after we had peeled all the apples, i boiled them down, and todd ran them through the food processor, which has come in WAY more handy than i could have ever imagined when we registered for it.
this is what we were left with:

nearly one and a half gallons of applesauce. FREE applesauce, i should say. free applesauce that can be used as baby food, or in cakes or applesauce cookies or applesauce bread, or made into apple butter, or used in place of the oil in baking recipes, or in extreme cases, just eaten as applesauce. oh, the possibilities. and the frugality. giving myself a pat on the back, not going to lie...
so then i baggied it all in 2-cup amounts, laid it flat to freeze, and VOILA! rock-hard bricks of applesauce that fall out onto my feet every time i open the freezer! no pain, no gain.

the whole process, though kind of tedious, was actually pretty fun since todd and i worked on it together, and will be totally worth it in the end!
okay, i think that's all for tonight. i'll try to update more regularly.


Team Dewhurst said...

Welcome back to blogville! Was worried about you! Not that I don't LOVE the book reviews but I'm more of a random rant reader. You are definitely getting bigger. It won't be long now... well... it really will but that doesn't sound as encouraging! High five on the apples! I love stuff like that. I just made some applesauce the other day. It makes the house smell amazing! Oh, and Bryan had to walk out during the birthing videos because he almost passed out. They are really awkward and every bit as lame as you are hoping.

tivo vovo said...

what if i did a book review of the pamphlet they handed us at the birthing class? would that endear me to you mrs. dewhurst?

Team Dewhurst said...

not if it includes screen shots from the video... :-) those classes are so difficult to pull anything but joke material from. i'll tell you what i'd love a book review on... the "directions for use" box on the bottom of the giant pack of Pop Ice....
Step 1 - freeze
Step 2 - open and eat

There must have been a lot of confusion as far as what to do with Pop Ice for a while. Who says Americans are getting dumber!!!!

tivo vovo said...

i don't know. who does say that amercians are getting dumber? is someone saying that? if they are, they'll have to answer to me and my witty repartees!