of mice and men

i read of mice and men this past week. it was an interesting work. as much as you want to dislike george for being so rude to lennie, you also cut him some slack for taking it upon himself to look after such a difficult person. i wish there was more back story about george and lennie however. that was my only real "complaint," per se, not withstanding the obscene amount of gratuitous obscenities. it does leave the reader a bit conflicted however. lennie is loveable, but dangerous; sweet-hearted, yet unstable. the book left me feeling that it ended too soon. i wanted an explanation, a manifesto, some justification, but none was given. steinbeck leaves the reader to work those "why's" out. nicely done mr. steinbeck. now go get some soap for that mouth of yours ya rotten scalliwag!

i've recently decided to start reading all those "classic" books that i hear about. it seems like a good idea. plus, we have library day now on saturdays, so it seems like a natural progression. i've recently read to kill a mockingbird. i think next i'll read the bell jar by sylvia plath. i looked at the classics section at hastings the other day and got really excited. the brothers kamarazov by dostoevsky, david copperfield and the tale of two cities by dickens, anna karenina by tolstoy, pride and prejudice by jane austen, little women by alcott, as i lay dying by faulkner, how to read a book by adler, the well-educated mind by bauer, don quixote by cervantes, the scarlet letter by hawthorne, moby dick by melville, the confessions by augustine, the republic by plato, a doll's house by ibsen, canterbury tales by chaucer, etc...

just writing them has got me excited to read them all. i love that God has made the human experience so accessible to... well humans i guess. not every mind that observes these truths by necessity respects the Maker of them or acknowledges His dominion over all things, but i find it very gracious of God to give any a window into the deeper truths of this word. there is something worth investigating and some are given inquisitive minds, others anxious bodies, some longing hearts, others captivating hope, some utter dissatisfaction, and still to some the grace to put it all together that we may recognize our God, the Maker of it all and give Him thanks for it, the pain, the love, the dissatisfaction, the groaning, the yearning, the pining, the repentance, the acceptance, the grace, the enlightenment. all of these poets are messengers, whether by reluctance or by volition, of His eternal Message. i am excited to listen and learn.

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