long time coming

it's been a while since i've updated, so this may be a pretty long post! stuff has been a little hectic around here as i've been settling into the school year...

photos from the last couple weeks (and yes, i'm wearing the same shirt in both...lack of foresight):

it feels like everyday i get a little bigger and my clothes get a little tighter...i'm really wanting to see if i can go the whole 9 months without having to buy maternity pants. shirts, well, that would be highly unlikely (but only since i have a job/go into public, otherwise i could wear my "world's greatest dad" and "spiceworld tour '96" pajama tshirts on alternating days until i go into labor). but we'll see about pants...the belly band is still working its magic, although it's getting pretty dingy since i wear it probably 5 days a week or so... gross.

work is...well, not really "work," just seemingly long. i'm ready for the little guy to come! i've been having some difficulty figuring out what to do for my quit date, since my insurance is only good to the end of the month in which i'll quit. since they tell me the kid's supposed to get here on november 30, i called the insurance people to see if, saying i go into labor ON the 30th and would therefore still be in the hospital into december, my insurance would cover those days in december. the response i got? "well, i don't know, but i definitely can't guarantee it." lovely.

so i think i've decided to just work up until the baby comes, whenever that is, then use my sick leave, personal days, and emergency days to hopefully stretch my insurance into the following month before officially resigning. i was hoping to have a more stone-written plan for a quit date and bypass the possibility of going into labor while at school, but i just don't think that's going to happen. so...if you could be praying the little bugger comes a smidgen early to avoid any insurance confusion and any past-due-date grumpiness that i would end up taking with me to work, that would be awesome!

speaking of work, my job is going pretty well. it's a lot different than last year, but i'm enjoying it. one of the little girls i work with is not autistic, just SO spacey and funny and downright weird! she had been begging her first grade teacher to let her sing a song to her class, so finally mrs. f agreed. so nikki* stood at the front of the class, singing, "i'm a dragon and i looooove myself and i don't wanna be anybody else because i love my spiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrriiiiiitt..." i was trying so hard not to laugh, because she was just so sincere....:) then earlier this week she showed up to school with an eyepatch on. not an eye bandage. a full-on pirate patch. she has to wear it for the next six weeks to correct her lazy eye. LOVE IT! too funny.

the kids are really interested in "the baby in my belly." today a little girl asked when he was going to come out, and before i could answer her, the boy next to her said in the most condescending voice, "on easter. duh." and she got defensive (naturally) and was like, "how do YOU know?!" he replied, "because that's when all babies come. on easter." i think he's getting his magical-animal-leaves-a-surprise-in-your-yard stories mixed up.

later today a little girl asked me, "do you know how you get babies?" not sure if she was asking about the whole "sex" part of thing or the whole "labor" part of thing, i didn't really want to answer either way... so i just asked her if SHE knew "how you get babies." "nope," she said, then asked if i wanted to watch her monkey bar routine. um, yes. way more than i want to have to navigate the baby-getting process.

in unrelated, todd news, we've started making saturdays our "library" days - and i LOVE it!! we rent movies, and check out books (todd just finished of mice and men today) and magazines. so much fun! and so cheap! i've been checking out home decorating magazines and getting lots and lots of ideas...!

well, i think that's it on my end...i think i need to get todd to update, since mine are pretty much the same story every week: pregnancy, work, random crap.

and for a little flourish at the end: here are some very classy pictures of me playing poker in my pajamas while eating chips ahoy. being as legacy-minded as he is, todd thought he should document for our little guy his in-utero experience. and this pretty much is it in a nutshell.


tivo vovo said...

ah, my wife.
by the by, my word verification is a very exciting, "jafflx"
i wonder what it means?
is it code for something?
whatever "it" is, it "is" the password i guess.

Team Dewhurst said...

LOVED the story about the dragon song! Kids come up with some good stuff! You look great at 29 weeks! I had a belly band and loved it. Maybe even more so after I had my kids because it was so tight that it kind of squished everything into a nice somewhat flat tummy under my clothes until I got myself in shape. Is that too much info? Maybe so :-)