we have decided on a name for our little guy! his name is going to be atticus jacob rhyne van voorst. long name, amazing results.

we picked atticus because we both really like "to kill a mockingbird" and atticus in the book has just such a strong character of justice and the integrity to do the right thing even when it's difficult or incredibly unpopular. it also means "father-like."

we picked jacob for a number of reasons; i LOVE that god so frequently refers to himself as the god of jacob, even though jacob totally didn't do anything to merit how closely god associates himself with jacob (he was a pretty scandalous guy, after all). it just really speaks volumes about god's character, how he's able to adopt in and bless and closely bond with people who are kind of losery. todd and i (and most people, i'd venture) have benefitted immensely from this aspect of god's character. also, jacob is todd's best friend's name as well as a van voorst family name.

finally, todd's middle name is henry, which is also a van voorst family name, and i liked the idea of naming the little guy after todd, but henry just didn't sound right for we rearranged the letters to get rhyne, which we then found out means "little king." todd was really drawn to this because, as he said, we all want our kids to be successful in life in one way or another, but it's a great reminder that no matter what our kid will accomplish or receive in life, he will always be a LITTLE king, never the biggest deal. there is a king who is greater than our guy could ever hope to be, and that's something to put a lot of hope in. we never want our kid to think that he's greater than or doesn't need god.


Team Dewhurst said...

Awwww LOVE it!! Take it from Maximus Waldemar Dewhurst... long names are super cool. It sounds like you put a lot of colaborative thought into each name and that is the best part. Well done! Now... when is he coming again?


jared said...

You planners. Geesh. I'll probably still be offering name suggestions as Allison is pushing.

tivo vovo said...

i am so excited to meet our lil' guy! i love his name and i'm so excited about how it came together. it is a true God thing.

jared --> while your wife is pushing, you should try offering other things like recipes, hairstyles, credit score advice, etc... in addition to baby names. might as well make the time productive!

tivo vovo said...

atticus jacob rhyne van voorst.
i am so excited to meet you lil guy!