week 23

this weekend, we spent many many....many many many hours registering for baby whatsits and we've finally got our registry done!

for the most part, it was pretty fun. we spent about 2.5 hours in target on saturday night, getting as much checked off the list as we could. (seriously, the baby caps and baby mittens were the cutest things i've ever seen in my life.)

then on sunday, we spent about three hours in babies r us, which ended up being kind of discouraging. by an hour and a half into it, all we had on our registry was a nursing stool and two packs of medela membranes. i started to cry in the crib section because we couldn't find anything we liked/agreed upon that was under $400. further, we couldn't really settle on a crib color until we figured out what bedding we wanted, but we couldn't find any we were in love with (well, that we BOTH were in love with at the same time). we couldn't find a pack n play we liked, because the ones with patterns that we liked were HUGE and really expensive ($180 for a playpen?!), and the smaller, less expensive ones were ugly. not only that, but we wanted a pack n play/highchair/swing set that all matched...oh, it was kind of an ugly trip. i had to take 3 or 4 "sit" breaks in the rocking chair section. too bad we weren't looking for rocking chairs.

after all of that and three hours spent in the store, we still didn't have a crib or a bedding set picked out. so we left and walked around pier 1 for a while, then we went to texas roadhouse. i was feeling MUCH better once our food arrived!

after we got home, we spent another 2 hours online looking at cribs and bedding, and we FINALLY decided!

the first picture is of the crib we picked out (while i'm loving the pink ballerina teddy bear, we decided to go for something a little less elton john for our little guy), and the second picture is of the bedding.

we got a few other things registered for online sunday night, then we went BACK to target yesterday and spent about an hour registering for the last little things on our list that we could. the rest we went online for - again -and finished up. so, after about 6 hours in the store, about 3.5 hours online, a meltdown, and a really good steak, we're finally finished.

i think we were both surprised at how long the whole process was. our wedding registry took a total of 7 hours and no trips online.

so, there's the beginning of week 23...whew.


Anastasia said...

oh how many babies r us horror stories i have heard! many about how they guilt you into purchases.

allison said...

Paige....I am sad that your experience was a little upsetting to you. I am glad though that you ended up finding all the things you wanted. Also, I think that the crib you picked out looks alot like ours....GREAT choice!