Friday, February 27, 2015

'what's up' weekly.

laurelai and her mouthful-of-sourdough would like to congratulate you on making it through the week.  she knows it hasn't been easy.  she's proud of you.

last weekend, todd surprised me by leaving the kids with my parents and taking me away for the weekend.  by 'away,' i mean like eighteen blocks away, to this hotel downtown that is the oldest continuously-run hotel west of the mississippi.  that is an old hotel, my friends, and if you know one thing about me, it's that i like old stuff.  let me rephrase:  if you know me well enough to summarize me by my tastes, you would know that i'm the kind of person that can get 110% behind a fancy old hotel that has fancy old stuff but also a brand-new mattress and a jetted tub.  and that is paige van voorst in a nutshell.

see?  it even has a kickin' brass key.  which i thought todd stole for a second in the middle of the surprise.  i was all, 'just because you find a key in the door, does not mean you can go peeping around other people's rooms!'  and then i found out it was, in fact, our legitimately claimed key and legitimately claimed room.  i got the smartzz.

also this week?  eye doctor appointments, and a makeup buddy:

and wrapping it up with a bit of news, i'm going to be cutting out of here next week.  and by here, i mean the internet.  it's currently the end of february and i kind of hate everybody and everything and the whole world right now, so i think i need a little bit of a breather to re-humanize.  #sorrynotsorry #butactuallysorry

i like the dutch, because they acknowledge spring early.  tulips are the first sign that the world is not actually ending, which is always a helpful reminder.

see you a week from monday!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

video vednesday: and it starts right nowww!

Monday, February 23, 2015

it should come as no surprise to you that i am weirdly into sherlock holmes.

happy monday, guys!  just popping in to say hey.  i finished reading my current novel yesterday, so i have a bit more free time now - for the time being anyway, as i then immediately started 'light in august.'  i love faulkner, though it's not exactly speed reading, so it is yet to be determined just how absorbing (and time-sucking) the book will be.  i'm also slowly reading through an entire collection of sherlock holmes stories.  why?  BECAUSE I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH SHERLOCK HOLMES AND I BLAME THE BBC.

i am telling you, if you only have time to watch one more series before you die, SHERLOCK HAS TO BE IT.  it would be a huge shame to die without having seen it.  i have no qualms about asserting that wholeheartedly.  it is just so, so excellent.  

anyway, i've started reading the stories to see how they compare to/influence the show.  i tend to be a person who, on principle, refuses to watch an adaptation before reading the influencing literature.  which explains why i'd not seen a single harry potter movie before last year.  i haven't seen the hunger games movies, because i'm not convinced i'll ever read the books.  

but i had no idea that i cared about reading sherlock holmes mysteries before watching the show.  admittedly, the original stories are a bit...stupid, especially for a modern audience that's used to figuring out complex crime dramas.  (and, apparently, a post-1960's american audience who knows what the KKK is - that case stumped sherlock and watson for a bit, because 'KKK' was probably a monogram...right?  ah, the victorian british.)  plus, i cannot for the life of me figure out from the written stories why on earth holmes cares AT ALL about watson, who is a blithering, starstruck, idiot puppy.  (sorry for the strong language, watson.)  only idiots keep company with idiots, and sherlock is not an idiot, so it makes no sense why he wants him around.

i have to say - this is the first time ever in the history of ever that i have recommended the film/tv version of something far more strongly than the books, but there you have it.  a first time for everything.  (disclaimer, though: i've not read all the stories, as the collection i have is over 900 pages by itself, and it only includes one of the novels.  perhaps they get better?  perhaps watson gets more likeable at some point and holmes becomes more realistically human?)

anyway, to sum up, i'm currently reading 'light in august' and 'the complete original illustrated sherlock holmes.'  i'm also currently seeking to fill a void left by finishing up all of the episodes of sherlock.  (twice, actually.  the moment we finished them, we started back at the beginning again, because, as with harry potter, i just could not leave the story right away.  i get weird like that about quality fictional characters.)  so we started watching 'the bletchley circle,' another BBC show, and while it is good, it is not fantastic.  i need fantastic.  any suggestions?

(i will vulnerably note that i have, indeed, watched the first episode of each Dr. Who and Downton Abbey and... i really did want to like them, and well, if you tell me they get better at some point, i would be happy to believe you.)

okay, suggestions: GO.

Friday, February 20, 2015

weird 'w.u.w.' post, but okay.

haaaaaaaaaaaay guys, it's FRIDAY!

i'm sorry that i've been such a veritable turd of a blogger this week.  i've actually been working on a really exciting new blog project for our church, which has taken up a lot of hours this week, and will be launching on sunday.  i've also been juggling a highly unusual number of medical/dental checkups for the kids this week, and time just slips away.  also?  i've been reading a super absorbing novel, and i'd rather read than blog most days, if i'm just shooting you straight.

so there are this week's excuses for the scraggly posts this week.  i'll try to do better next week (and finish the novel over the weekend so that it's not still vying for my heart by monday).

ps - 'what's up weekly' is the hardest post of the week to write when your laptop's 'w' key is on the fritz... you really should medal me for the effort i put into just this post.  or not.  up to you.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

video vednesday: AWAY.

Monday, February 16, 2015

finneas clearly has a handle on being a two-year-old boy.

i love that he has to give his gun time to wind up.  i'm going to miss two-year-old finn - only a couple more weeks and he'll be a full-blown three-year-old.

Friday, February 13, 2015

what's up weekly: 'laurelai's face' edition.

laurelai's face had many a tale to tell this week.  such as this tragedy.

and this tale of unconditional bathtime love toward a mother who looks like a hobo.

and this tale of innocent flirting.

and this tale of ponytailed suspicion.

and this lovely fairy tale of the millions of children that lived in a shoe on a couch.

and this tale of maternal affection...

and irrepressible joy...

...and a sisterly bond that vanquished all naysayers with a single look.

and this grand finale of a contemplative cuddle with her one true love.

and that is one expressive week, as demonstrated by laurelai.  i think we all could learn something from her.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

video vednesday: you know, where you were connected to your muzzah?

our kids love this, and this week's video options were either this, or one of two hamsters going on a date.  so, you're welcome.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

happy tuesday from atticus.

Monday, February 9, 2015

true reassurance for the flattered-to-death mom.

i've seen a lot of posts lately along the lines of, 'hey you, Mom Out There, you're doing a great job!  you may not feel like it, but you really are!'  to be blunt, i find these posts a little exasperating because, a) hey, Blogger Out There, you don't even know me, so how do you know? and b) i'm pretty sure i'm not really, at the heart of it all, doing all that good a job.

it's not self-pity, it's just honesty.  a lot of the time i'm failing.  most of us (all of us, surely) are.  not to pooh-pooh the carte-blanche reassurance of my mothering, but i'm not really sure that the thing any of us truly needs is some platitude from a stranger to make us feel temporarily, artificially good about ourselves.

what we do need is jesus.  it's always, only, ever jesus.

the life of jesus: i need the perfection of jesus' life.  i desperately need to be like him: always joyfully willing to nurture, and comfort, and speak truth, and spend sleepless nights for, and pray for, and correct, and sacrifice EVERYTHING for the little ones in my care.  while these things are far from 100% true of me, they are 100% true of jesus, and the really audacious thing is that god gives me that record in christ.  that's how he chooses to see me.  i'm clothed in the righteousness of christ, and god sees me only, ever, always as a perfect mother.  not because i earned it, but because jesus did.  it's so shocking it's almost offensive, but it's true.  it's true of me, and it's true of you if you're in christ.

the death of jesus:  i need the forgiveness of jesus' death.  i yell at my kids.  i wish for more 'me-time.'  on dark days, i wish my life were different and unencumbered.  i wish away the biggest blessings i've been given, and demand other, more trivial things.  i'm selfish.  i'm lazy.  i get too angry about all the wrong things, and am apathetic toward all the important things.  i am an affront to the perfect, sacrificial, giving, compassionate, patient holiness of god.  and yet... jesus became all of these things on the cross so i can stand scot-free in front of the throne of god.  he absorbed the wrath of god into himself so that i can walk away from condemnation and shame and burden, in forgiveness and freedom, toward the father.  i don't have to run away or hide anymore.  that is true.  it's true for me, and it's true for you if you're in christ.

the resurrection of jesus: i need the hope of jesus' resurrection.  i am not the person i wish i was, but i have unshakable hope that i am being made into the likeness of that person.  jesus rose from the dead!  he conquered death itself.  sin itself.  slavery itself.  someday in heaven, i will be given a new, perfected self, but until that day, the powerful holy spirit is inside me, making me like christ, making me brand-new.  i am not enslaved to sin.  i am not defined by sin.  i am not who i was.  i am in jesus, and i will be a better mother because of it.  he doesn't leave me to walk around crippled by my old self.  i am new, and i am being made new.  that is true.  it's true of me, and it's true of you if you're in christ.

i am not really all that great of a mother.  but i serve a great god who covered my sin with his blood and in turn offers me righteousness.  i serve a god who gives me what i didn't earn or deserve.  a god who makes me more like himself everyday, not because i'm trying harder and doing better and somehow 'good enough' for him, but because he's capable and willing to take mud and turn it into diamonds for no other reason than because he wants to.  it brings him joy, it brings him glory, to take my failing self and redeem it.

and that is true refreshment and reassurance.  that is my lifeline.  that is the only hope i have for the children being raised and loved by this broken mom.  and it's all i need in order to know that it's all going to be okay.  it's jesus.  it's always, only, ever jesus.